We are sad to announce today that we will be closing our store on Metcalf soon. We will be open all of this week through next weekend ending on Sunday, March 24th. Please come in and use any remaining game time you still have, redeem any unused Groupons, and redeem any gift card balances. Any prepaid services such as birthday parties and summer camps will be refunded.

We will be selling most of our store equipment, so if you are interested in buying any gaming equipment, hardware, or other equipment stop by and talk to the staff. Below is a list of everything we will be selling. All sales will be cash only and final at time of purchase. SoPro Equipment

We’ve enjoyed working with everyone over the past 4 years. The relationships formed with the gaming community and youth groups has been rewarding. We can’t thank you enough for all of your support over the years. We couldn’t of made it this far without you and our amazing staff!

Lastly, we would like to give a shout out to our amazing staff members over the years who helped make SoPro possible. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to offer all of the great experiences that we did. As they will be looking to move forward with their careers, any assistance anyone can offer them with employment opportunities would be greatly appreciated.

Please send any questions to info@soprogaming.com.





Social Professional Gaming Center

SoPro Gaming is a live video game center for gamers to enjoy playing their favorite games in a social environment.  At SoPro Gaming you can play socially or participate in events such as gaming tournaments, birthday parties, corporate outings and more.

In addition to offering gaming events, SoPro Gaming has a focus on the educational benefits of video games.  Our enrichment programs include STEM related activities such as summer camps, after school programs, homeschool programs, outings for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and school field trips.

22 Alienware PC Stations ♦ 8 BYOPC Stations ♦ 5 Console 55 inch TV Stations ♦ 2 VR Stations

Satisfy all your gaming needs.


9240 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park, KS USA 66212
(913) 703-5183

Store Hours
Sunday - Thursday: 12pm - 12am
Friday and Saturday: 12pm – 2AM