SoPro Gaming Education Programs

With an ever-changing world and new career opportunities arising, it is our job to motivate the next generation to come up with new ideas through innovative thinking.  We have several educational programs geared toward technology and gaming. We offer educational and STEM based programs for home school groups and for after school programs.  We also offer a variety of technology based educational classes in our summer camps.

SoPro Gaming has partnered with Horizon Academy to offer the Kerbal Space Program for students in the makerspace and to teach advanced coding classes through through the use of Opus Magnum.

SoPro is also now a community partner of the Girl Scouts.  We offer STEM related classes such as LEGO Robotics and Modding with Minecraft.  Girl Scout groups can host outings that are education based to help them earn badges.  These outings also come with a little bit of fun game time after the class.  We also work with other youth organizations such as the Boy Scouts, school groups and church youth organizations.

But wait, our education platform isn’t just limited to youth!  We’ve extended our platform to include senior citizens.  Did you know that seniors can benefit from the cognitive benefits of gaming?  Some games can help with short term memory, dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression, hand-eye coordination and more.  We’re now teaching computer skills classes at the senior’s center at St Joe Hospital.  These classes include basic computer skills, internet safety, social media skills, using Google, and programming devices.

For more information on our summer camps, after school programs or home school programs, please click the links below.

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