STEM Lego Robotics Club (ages 7-14)
  • Using fun with Robotics to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics!
  • Develop teamwork skills!
  • Learn how to and build your own Bot!
  • Program a Bot to run a course!
  • Participate in organized robotics competitions and time trials.  Time trials will be judged by a referee.  Points will be deducted for straying off course.
  • Develop a wandering algorithm.

Learn the hardware and software needed to make a robot.  As part of a these team building exercises, students will develop teamwork skills as each member will have a specific role in building.  They will follow directions to build their robot, then program it to finish a maze. After successfully finishing the maze, they will have the opportunity to program it to do what they want by creating a wandering algorithm.

Join the club now!  Club meets every Monday from 12pm-2pm for eight weeks beginning Sept 10th.  Cost is $10/wk per student.


9240 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park, KS USA 66212
(913) 703-5183

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Sunday - Thursday: 12pm - 12am
Friday and Saturday: 12pm – 2AM