Host a STEM Related Field Trip at SoPro Gaming

With our focus on the educational benefits of video games, SoPro Gaming hosts STEM related field trips for local schools. Our unique educational field trips are designed to get students excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  If you’re looking for an elementary or middle school field trip that is fun and educational, try SoPro Gaming.

Option 1: STEM Field Trip

An educational experience that gets students excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through the use of education based video games such as:

  • Kerbal Space Program – Learn some fairly realistic  physics, basic orbital mechanics, and generic mental strategies. In this exercise, students will design and build a spacecraft worthy of launching into space and landing safely on another planet.
  • Minecraft – Blend scientific inquiry and technology design processes through project based learning that focuses on developing critical thinking, problem solving, logical reasoning, technical, communication, collaboration self-directing and creativity skills.
  • Opus Magnum – Learn core programming concepts of iterative design, bugfixing, and process-focused planning while also allowing all students to express their own creativity in developing solutions. The unique visual programming language used by the game allows us to steadily explore programming related techniques and concepts while avoiding issues with reading difficulties, dyslexia and dyscalculia that can make learning traditional coding languages difficult for many students and younger individuals.

After completing one of these team building exercises, students will get to play their favorite video games for an hour.

Option 2:  Fun Field Trip

Reward your students with an exciting and fun filled outing to play all of their favorite video games with others. This fun field trip option is a two hour field trip to play whatever age appropriate games they wish.

Book Your Field Trip For Only $10 a Student!

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